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Emergency Habitats!


Over 20 Years Of Destruction


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Plan For Emergency

How Do You React To Emergencies? Are you Prepared?

Your Personal well-being should be insured by more than just hope!

Who’s making the bed that your child is going to sleep in “In Case of An Emergency? You may not be watching the same TV monitors I am watching so let’s be more direct. “Local Police /The Fire Department / City Counsels / or Church Pastors!”  DO NOT specialize in what you may need personally during an evacuation. We are now all in the same Emergency Situation

Secure Housing and Transportation

Security In Case Of Emergency


Where and when do you secure a place to stay? Now! We have, hotel plans, apartment plans, Small home plans, and Large Home plans..


The EH plan is created around your needs, therefore transportation can be added to your plan. Verification of a rental is unnecessary. Just move your family to a safe environment that has a car already there waiting.


The population has always been to large for our city officials to accommodate it's citizens during emergencies. Therefore, we are not here to assist them. We are providing you an option. "Emergency Habitat Services"

Areas of Need!

No matter what the season, Mother Nature can cause natural disasters, which can put you in some tricky situations as a homeowner. When they occur, don’t forget that you’re safety is insured by planning ahead.

You may not be able to leave your town after a storm. Roads, bridges, railways, and vehicles are vulnerable to the impacts of extreme weather and environmental change.


Food and water supplies are limited after a severe storm. You can plan to have food services that are more than capable of providing you with the best meals.

These privileges are taken for granted while we move away from a storm. We have vouchers that accommodate your needs at any level, so if you want or are in need of apparel or footwear we can provide them. 

When the alarms have stopped ringing and the emergency is over, you may want to see a show in the town you have chosen to visit during the emergency. We have that set-up for you if needed.

Before the emergency you will feel better knowing you have a plan, but after it’s all over you will feel great because of that plan.

I've Worked For The US Army. (Eng.&Housing),and For Small personnel companies.

Most people forget how much they really need before, during and after an emergency. It’s smarter and much safer to plan ahead.

Helping You- Make Your Plan for Emergency.

It’ all In the timing. If you want to move away from the storm or provide for a relative, just remember time is of the essence in this business. 

Consultations Are Free!

We are more than happy to answer questions concerning our business and we welcome  you, so contact us. 

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